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HKB FiNN "Vitalistics (2002)"

HKB FiNN's 1st solo album used the rhythms of Drum & Bass, Broken Beat and Trip Hop to help make this divine musical debut sound even more profound. With string arrangements and orchestration from the composer and multi-instrumentalist: Tunde Jegede and equally engaging material from Lotek, Shur-I-Kan and Don Jose, the resulting album is packed with incredible songs including: “Bananaz, Be, the Ballad of Marie Celeste, Y?,Motion Fitness & Epiphany (featured in the Bullet Boy soundtrack)”. Vitalistics is really an amazing album.  Producer: Shur-I-Kan, Tunde Jegede, Don Jose & LoTek

HKB FiNN "Acoustic Afro Hip Hop (2004)"

This is a Hip Hop record like no other. Acoustic Afro Hip Hop is packed with innovative musical gems such as: “Rhythm Is Our Method, My Cup, Lifesaver and Baby Love” and features selective guests appearances from the Samadhi String Ensemble, Robert Mitchell, Tom Skinner, Fiyyaz Virji, Eugene Skeef, Eska Mtungwazi, Sona Jobarteh and many more.  Producer: Tunde Jegede & Don Jose 

HKB FiNN "Spoken Herbs (2006)"

Spoken Herbs is a seminal and emotionally rewarding album with incredible songs such as: ‘You Can’t Run, Sanctuary of Joy, Dead Walkers, Jewel, On The Corner’ and also has featured guests including: The Samadhi String Ensemble, Kevin Robinson, Tom (Shur-I-Kan) Szirtes, Brian Edwards, Cleveland Watkiss, Folasade Phillip & Sona Jobarteh. Producers: Derek Johnson, Tunde Jegede & Don Jose

HKB FiNN "Light In The Shade Of Darkness (2008)"

The cheerful nature of Light In The Shade Of Darkness can easily overshadow the lushness of it's sounds and breadth of it's material. Packed with an array of notable songs such as: “Is This What You Want?, Watch Your Back, Walkin Inna Quicksand, Smile (Learning How to) & Peckinham Blues” this is a beautiful work of art from start to finish. Critically acclaimed, the album has a host of guests including the Samahadi String Ensemble, Alpheous Little, Nominal Silence, Crystal Night, Michelle Escoffery, Folasade Phillip & Sona Jobarteh. Producers: Don Jose, Tunde Jegede, Alpheous Little & Derek Johnson

HKB FiNN "Natural Eloquence (2010)"

Natural Eloquence is HKB FiNN’s 5th studio album & is also the first of his recordings where every song is recorded completely live in the studio without adding any elements later. This record was mixed with little effects so the sound you'll hear is pure, natural & eloquent. This album really highlights the power and precision of his band: The HKB FiNN ENSEMBLE and is a testament to FiNN’s increasing confidence as Composer, Lyricist, Producer. Natural Eloquence is a seamless and smooth musical experience that is filled with captivating ballads, effervescent roots anthems and vibrant uptempo grooves. Producer: HKB FiNN

HKB FiNN "Prelude Urban Roots (2013)"

PRELUDE URBAN ROOTS is FiNN's 6th album and despite it being a mini album it's packed with exquisite new songs and fresh new sounds. 'Prelude Urban Roots' is a visceral but uplifting return to form for FiNN and it features the astounding work of the HKB FiNN Ensemble and special guests include: Nyr Raymond, Crystal Night, Tracey Campbell, Karmen Dellie, Shabaka Hutchins, Sylvain Gontard and a host of talented artists. Recorded & Mixed by Steve 'Professor' Lowe, this album has a sound unlike any HKB FiNN project. You can purchase CD or download version on this website.


- Prelude Urban Roots (2013)
- Natural Eloquence (2010)
- Light In The Shade Of Darkness (2008)
- Spoken Herbs (2006)
- Acoustic Afro Hip Hop (2004)
- Vitalistics (2002)

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