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HKB FiNN "Natural Eloquence (2010)"

HKB FiNN "Natural Eloquence (2010)"

Natural Eloquence is HKB FiNNís 5th studio album & is also the first of his recordings where every song is recorded completely live in the studio without adding any elements later. This record was mixed with little effects so the sound you'll hear is pure, natural & eloquent. This album really highlights the power and precision of his band: The HKB FiNN ENSEMBLE and is a testament to FiNNís increasing confidence as Composer, Lyricist, Producer. Natural Eloquence is a seamless and smooth musical experience that is filled with captivating ballads, effervescent roots anthems and vibrant uptempo grooves.

Producer: HKB FiNN

6.00 GBP

Listen and buy Track by Track:

  Tracks MP3 Sample Buy Price
  World Outside (6:20)  1.00 GBP  
  When Night Falls (featuring Tracey Campbell) (2:37)  1.00 GBP  
  I Know, I Can (4:18)  1.00 GBP  
  Dreams Of You (featuring Crystal Petit Night) (7:04)  1.00 GBP  
  Red Light Saviour (6:31)  1.00 GBP  
  Relax Your Soul (5:36)  1.00 GBP  
  Liberation State (4:35)  1.00 GBP  
  Deptford Bridge (1:09)  0.70 GBP  
  Milk & Money (3:35)  1.00 GBP  
  All Around (6:00)  1.00 GBP  
  Shake It Up (5:10)  1.00 GBP  
  Natural Eloquence (Theme) (6:00)  1.00 GBP  
  Before Dawn (6:15)  1.00 GBP  
  Blacktowne Benediction (5:26)  1.00 GBP  

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Track-listing "Natural Eloquence (2010)":

  Title Authors Duration Producer Editor
 World Outside  Andrew Ward 6:20 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 When Night Falls (featuring Tracey Campbell)  Andrew Ward 2:37 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 I Know, I Can  Andrew Ward 4:18 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Dreams Of You (featuring Crystal Petit Night)  Andrew Ward, Crystal Petit 7:04 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Red Light Saviour  Andrew Ward 6:31 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Relax Your Soul  Andrew Ward 5:36 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Liberation State  Andrew Ward 4:35 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Deptford Bridge  Andrew Ward 1:09 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Milk & Money  Andrew Ward 3:35 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 All Around  Andrew Ward 6:00 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Shake It Up  Andrew Ward 5:10 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Natural Eloquence (Theme)  Andrew Ward 6:00 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Before Dawn  Andrew Ward 6:15 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Blacktowne Benediction  Andrew Ward 5:26 Steve 'Professor' Lowe Steve 'Professor' Lowe

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