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HKB FiNN "Acoustic Afro Hip Hop (2004)"

HKB FiNN "Acoustic Afro Hip Hop (2004)"

This is a Hip Hop record like no other. Acoustic Afro Hip Hop is packed with innovative musical gems such as: “Rhythm Is Our Method, My Cup, Lifesaver and Baby Love” and features selective guests appearances from the Samadhi String Ensemble, Robert Mitchell, Tom Skinner, Fiyyaz Virji, Eugene Skeef, Eska Mtungwazi, Sona Jobarteh and many more. 
Producer: Tunde Jegede & Don Jose

5.00 GBP

Listen and buy Track by Track:

  Tracks MP3 Sample Buy Price
  My Cup (5:55)  0.60 GBP  
  Confession, I Am (2:57)  0.60 GBP  
  Finnterlude Mode1 (0'34)  0.10 GBP  
  Miss A Rebel (3:57)  0.60 GBP  
  Baby Love (featuring: Eska Mtungwazi) (7:01)  0.60 GBP  
  Eponymous (Anthem) (7:05)  0.60 GBP  
  Rythmn Is Our Method (6:31)  0.60 GBP  
  Lifesaver (4:33)  0.60 GBP  
  Finnterlude Mode2 (0:37)  0.10 GBP  
  Archetype (5:22)  0.60 GBP  
  What If? (5:35)  0.60 GBP  
  Journey To The Inner (4:26)  0.60 GBP  
  Miss A Rebel (Shur-i-kan Remix) (4:56)  0.60 GBP  

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Track-listing "Acoustic Afro Hip Hop (2004)":

  Title Authors Duration Producer Editor
 My Cup  Andrew Ward, Tunde Jegede 5:55 Tunde Jegede Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Confession, I Am  Andrew Ward, Thomas Szirtes, Jose Joyette 2:57 Don Jose Shur-I-Kan
 Finnterlude Mode1  Andrew Ward 0'34 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Miss A Rebel  Andrew Ward, Tunde Jegede 3:57 Tunde Jegede Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Baby Love (featuring: Eska Mtungwazi)  Andrew Ward, Tunde Jegede 7:01 Tunde Jegede Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Eponymous (Anthem)  Andrew Ward, Tunde Jegede 7:05 Tunde Jegede Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Rythmn Is Our Method  Andrew Ward, Tunde Jegede 6:31 Tunde Jegede Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Lifesaver  Andrew Ward, Sona Jobarteh 4:33 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Finnterlude Mode2  Andrew Ward 0:37 HKB FiNN Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Archetype  Andrew Ward, Tunde Jegede 5:22 Tunde Jegede Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 What If?  Andrew Ward, Tunde Jegede 5:35 Tunde Jegede Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Journey To The Inner  Andrew Ward, Tunde Jegede 4:26 Tunde Jegede Steve 'Professor' Lowe
 Miss A Rebel (Shur-i-kan Remix)  Andrew Ward, Thomas Szirtes 4:56 Humble Beez Shur-I-Kan

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