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Katch 22 "Nonconformist Rituals"

Nonconformist Rituals is a wonderful album by HKB FiNNís former Hip Hop group: Katch 22. Recorded in 1993, Nonconformist rituals saw FiNN, DJ Marga & the Katch22 Band (Ashley Soan, Andrew Wallace & Tim Vine) open the door to a sound which was to become the backbone of HKB FiNNís solo career. DJ Marga constructed and composed all of the music on this album, which features incredible vocal performances from a young HKB FiNN as well as guest vocals from Pied Piper, Krispy 3, Malika B, Ann Gay and many more. This exceptionally rare recording is a must for collectors. Stocks will not last so grab one while theyíre still available.


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TRACK LISTING of "Nonconformist Rituals":

01.Sound Like The Rest
03.Lifestyles Of The Poor & Ruffneck (Double Bass Mix)
04.Donít Impress Me
05.Evening Standard Sweat
06.Whoís Word
07.Live At Garage
08.Live At The Garage 2
09.22 Steps Ahead
10.A Sense of History (Annís story)
11.22 Steps Dub
12.A Sense of History (Finnís Story)
13.A Sense of History (Finnstrumental)

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