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H K B Finn "Prelude Urban Roots" (10.00 GBP)

PRELUDE URBAN ROOTS explores stories of Loss, Love and Lifeís sweet moments in a brilliantly conceived mini album where Hip H ...

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H K B Finn "Natural Eloquence" (10.00 GBP)

Natural Eloquence blends Jazz with Neo Soul, Jazz & Hip Hop to create an elegant and timeless classic. This album is filled w ...

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H K B Finn "Light In The Shade Of Darkness" (10.00 GBP)

Light In The Shade Of Darkness blends Afro Latin & West African melodies & rhythms together with Hip Hop to give a bright, in ...

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H K B Finn "Spoken Herbs" (10.00 GBP)

Spoken Herbs blends elements of Blues & Reggae with Hip Hop to create one of the most incredible and unique albums in HKB FiN ...

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Katch 22 "Nonconformist Rituals" (20.00 GBP)

Nonconformist Rituals is a wonderful album by HKB FiNNís former Hip Hop group: Katch 22. Recorded in 1993, Nonconformist rit ...

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- Prelude Urban Roots (2013)
- Natural Eloquence (2010)
- Light In The Shade Of Darkness (2008)
- Spoken Herbs (2006)
- Acoustic Afro Hip Hop (2004)
- Vitalistics (2002)

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