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  Natural Eloquence

NATURAL ELOQUENCE is a seamless and beautiful musical experience that is filled with captivating ballads, bubbly roots anthems & vibrant uptempo grooves.  This is a perfect collection for lovers of Hip Hop, Jazz or Spoken Word as it manages to blend each idiom into one timeless and classic HKB FiNN album.  


With 14 original songs including ‘Dreams of you, Before Dawn, I Know, I Can, When Night Falls' and many more, the album also features notable guests such as: Phillipe Sellam, Guillaume Poncelet, U'mau Otuokon, Robert Mitchell, Neville Malcolm, Peter B Edwards, Alok Verma, Orphy Robinson, Crystal Petit Night, Tracey Campbell and The Afro Petals. 


Producer: HKB FiNN





NATURAL ELOQUENCE is HKB FiNN’s 5th studio album.  While touring his previous album 'Light In The Shade of Darkness' FiNN and his band played more concerts together than ever before. FiNN is a great fan of the classic era of the legendary Blue Note label and his interests in the modal minimalism of early Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Grant Green inspired him to make a new album centred around the band in it's natural element: playing together. Recorded live without overdubs, 'NATURAL ELOQUENCE' also utilised the deft skills of Sound Designer and Engineer Steve Lowe who manages to capture the HKB FiNN ENSEMBLE like never before.



“Totally refreshing...” Debbie Golt Resonance FM (5/5)

“Tre Cool. I love Natural Eloquence enormously.” (5/5)

“A fantastic blend of sounds” iTunes UK 4/5)

“An amazing piece of work, a must buy.” (5/5)

“Urban album of the year” Mojo Magazine

“Fantastic organic soulful music” (4/5)

“Musique magnifique” Strada Magazine (5/5)

  Light In The Shade Of Darkness

LiGHT iN THE SHADE OF DARKNESS is a lush recording that contains amazing uptempo grooves, intoxicating ballads and beautiful melodies that linger in your soul. This collection is perfect for lovers of Hip Hop, Soul & World Music as it delves into the core of each idiom to produce a contemporary blending that will leave you enriched and energised. Packed with notable songs such as: “Is This What You Want?, Watch Your Back, Walkin Inna Quicksand, Smile (Learning How to) & Peckinham Blues” this recording will keep you coming back for more of it’s enchanting multi-layered goodness. This critically acclaimed 15 track masterpiece features many guests including: the Samahadi String Ensemble, Alpheous Little, Nominal Silence, Crystal Night, Michelle Escoffery, Folasade Phillip & Sona Jobarteh.


Producers: Don Jose, Tunde Jegede, Alpheous Little & Derek Johnson





LiGHT iN THE SHADE OF DARKNESS is HKB FiNN’s 4th studio album. FiNN created the blueprint of this album whilst on tour in Brazil and the final recording features some of his most positive and life affirming work. He spent a few days of his tour in the town of Recife and it's there where he reconnected with aspects of his inner joy long forgotten in the hustle and bustle of Urban life. He was inspired by the people he met in the small seaside town and found their love of culture, music and life brought about in him a deep spiritual awakening. The album was later recorded in London across various studios with the help of his most trusted producers. Sound Designer and Engineer Steve Lowe gave the album its distinctive bright and enchanting sound with his incredible mixes.



“A fabulous mix, inspiring and tasteful” BBC Radio South (5/5)

“Bubbly, beautiful and bright” The Verb, BBC Radio 3 (4/5)

“Articulate and inspirational” Nick Luscombe, Resonance FM (5/5)

“Great soundtrack” Rob Dyson, The London Paper (5/5)

“Powerfully passionate” Ananda Leeke, Digital Sisterhood (5/5)

“Moves with dextrous fluidity” iTunes UK (5/5)

“Pretty nice...” Vibe Magazine (5/5)

“Heavy,heavy album” Lyrical Healer, (4/5)

  Spoken Herbs

SPOKEN HERBS embraces an entirely new plateau of sonics, composition and tonality. With this album HKB FiNN goes even further away from the mainstream styles of Hip Hop to create a perfect meeting point for his Poetry, his Flow & his Musicality.  With standout songs such as: ‘You can’t run, Sanctuary of Joy, Dead Walkers, Jewel, On The Corner’ and so much more, it is no surprise many critics and fans consider this as his most rewarding and emotionally engaging recording that takes the listener to genuinely new musical spaces bending Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop & Classical into a groovy, tempestuous and energetic collection.  


SPOKEN HERBS is a 14 track powerhouse which features notable guest appearances from: The Samadhi String Ensemble, Kevin Robinson, Tom (Shur-I-Kan) Szirtes, Brian Edwards, Cleveland Watkiss, Folasade Phillip & Sona Jobarteh. 


Producers: Derek Johnson, Tunde Jegede & Don Jose




SPOKEN HERBS is HKB FiNN’s 3rd studio album and this astounding recording set an all-together new standard of excellence for the artist. Building on solid foundations of his two previous albums FiNN and his collective took the road untravelled by making something new, fresh and bold that took critics and fans alike by surprise.  Moved by a fondness for Blues music but intent on blending it with Reggae & Hip Hop, FiNN & his collective continued their exploration of new frontiers by blending the familiar with the unfamiliar.  Sound Designer & Engineer Steve Lowe added a Rock & Roll feel to the overall mixes making this a truly memorable record.



“Album of the year” Mojo Magazine

“A truly cool album” FLo-Motion, XFM

“Finn has evolved into sweet song” Hip Hop Connection

“Well produced, energetic and powerful”

“Truly Great” Nikesh Shukla, UK Hip

“Finn is a great lyricist”

  Acoustic Afro Hip Hop

ACOUSTiC AFRO HiP HOP is a Hip Hop record like no other because it perfectly blends different sound worlds into potent sonic creation that will leave you breathless.  In many ways, this album acts as a bridge taking the ancient melodies of times past to the beautiful grooves of today with innovative musical gems such as: “Rhythm Is Our Method, My Cup, Lifesaver, Baby Love” and many more.


Acclaimed by fans and critics alike, this recording features guest appearances from: The Samadhi String Ensemble, Robert Mitchell, Tom Skinner, Fiyyaz Virji, Eugene Skeef, Eska Mtungwazi, Sona Jobarteh and many more. 


Producer: Tunde Jegede & Don Jose




This is HKB FiNN's 2nd album and it makes a huge leap from the sheer electronica of his previous recording: Vitalistics. ACOUSTiC AFRO HiP HOP draws much of it’s musical language from Jamaican folk music (Mento), West African Traditional music (Kora Music), Classical and adds Soulful Hip Hop to create a sublime collection. FiNN once again, made a quantuum leap with his Penmanshp & his song writing dared to go further and at times more intimate than he had before.  Recorded in Gateway Studios in Kingston, the album was recorded unto 2inch Reels giving it a distinctive warm sound which Sound Designer & Engineer Steve Lowe used to maximum effect.


“A masterpiece” Outside Looking in Magazine

“An inspiration to listen to...” UK Hip

“Exceptional” The Sunday Times

“Urban Album of the Year” Mojo Magazine

“Beautiful arrangements and thoroughly refreshing” FloMotion, XFM 

“A great album” WGCI Radio, Chicago

“Well crafted, earthy, rootsy an atmospheric gem” Rap


ViTALiSTiCS infuses Hip Hop with Electronica, World music and Funk as well as tapping into the rhythms of Drum & Bass, Broken Beat and Trip Hop to make this divine musical debut sound even more enriched. FiNN's poetry & flow also made a quantuum leap in terms of quality, depth and accesibility.  


Aided by the incredible string arrangements and deft orchestration from composer: Tunde Jegede, as well as containing the production skills of Lotek, Shur-i-Kan and Don Jose, the resulting album is packed with classics including: “Bananaz, Be, the Ballad of Marie Celeste, Y?,Motion Fitness & Epiphany (which featured in the Bullet Boy soundtrack)” and many more. This album also features guest appearances from: Eshe Escoffery, Amanda Drummond, Dell Fox, Shur-i-Kan and more.  


Producer: Shur-I-Kan, Tunde Jegede, Lotek & Don Jose





HKB FiNN's 1st solo album was a pleasant surprise for many fans and critics.  Many knew FiNN as a longstanding member of the Hip Hop fraternity but few knew he had been imbibing Jazz, World music & Electronica after Katch 22's demise. His debut long player by-passed expectations of a more conventional Hip Hop album to become something completely different.



“Thought provoking rhymes...” Blue&Soul Magazine

“Brave, refreshing and insightful...” New Nation newspaper

“Poetic lines sparkle with wisdom & unassuming gravitas...” The Sunday Times

“Makes your spine tingle...” Muzik Magazine

“FiNN’s getting better...” The Voice newspaper

“A scintillating mix of spoken word and rhyme...” Vice Magazine

“Compelling, meaningful and a pleasure to listen to...”Undercover Magazine

“Polished, defined and unlike anyone else...Damn good...”

“A potent combination...” Jockey Slut magazine

“A mesmerizing mix of Drum&bass,Dub&Soul. Truly fantastic...” 7 Magazine


- Prelude Urban Roots (2013)
- Natural Eloquence (2010)
- Light In The Shade Of Darkness (2008)
- Spoken Herbs (2006)
- Acoustic Afro Hip Hop (2004)
- Vitalistics (2002)

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